Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gorgeous Shoes!

{christian louboutin}

it's mid-week and sometimes, gorgeous shoes are just what a girl need to make to friday :) enjoy!

{diane von furstenberg}


{christian louboutin}

{christian louboutin}

{giuseppe zanotti}



Boho is here. Meet the new version of MUSETTA. A mix of imported Chantilly laces on the bodice. The full skirt is silk chiffon lined in crepe backed satin. Cap sleeves and accented with a gold braid tie belt.

Want to see more images of Musetta?  Available through Etsy or custom order at Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Credits: Oh Hello Friend, Nicole Hill Gerulat (6), Simply Hue

Part of the joy of being a bride is celebrating white in all it's purity and clean lined chic. Enjoy this board from Brancoprata that I found on SMP clearly illustrating the texture and illumination of heaven . . .

Monday, March 29, 2010

Perfect Tulips

on thursday my mom and i are hosting a baby shower for my sister. she's having a boy! i am so excited! we just finalized the menu over the weekend (a wonderful butter lettuce salad with champagne dressing to start--it's amazing!) and this week will put together the tablescape. i think we are going to go with bunches of tulips for the flowers. so sweet, so pretty and perfect for a baby shower, don't you think? i found this wonderful DIY project from Brancoprata. wonderfully fresh and simple. love it! check out their post for the complete instructions.

Endless combinations...

good morning!
oooh, these are so fun! bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, weddings...i feel like making up a reason to buy them :)

{images from Imagine and Make via Chewing the Cud blog}


The Short Veil

The short veil has many names: petal veil, birdcage, fly away, blusher. The good news is, there are no rules anymore about pairing short veils with short dresses. Whatever works is the guideline and has more to do with following proportions and personal style. The shorter ‘fashionista' veil has not only gained in popularity, it's a bridal fashion fixture. My client Monique put it succinctly: "I'm sure glad I chose a birdcage. Now, I won't have to worry about rearranging or when to take it off. I can enjoy my day. " There's something chic, even edgy about a bride sporting one one of these small veils. As early as the 1990s, Vera Wang was matching up short pouf veils with very formal silhouettes. Whether she wanted to show off the extraordinary back details of her gowns or usher in a new look, I don’t know; I only know the juxtaposition this duo created worked. Like Monique, most brides say the number one thing about wearing a shorter veil is, they don’t have to do any adjusting in that switch from the solemnity of ceremony to big time partying hearty. Shorter veils are easy to maneuver around in and stay put whether you’re exchanging vows, cutting cake or dancing. Typically they are made out of either tulle, the standard light weight bridal veiling, or, netting—wider and crisper, offering a more structured and chic look. Since small veils are here to stay awhile, it will be interesting to see what designers come up with the next few seasons with all the new fabrics and materials out there.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Pink Roses

Here's a real courageous, gorgeous move for all of you out there contemplating color. Observe: This bride is sporting hot pink . . .not only is her gown and headpiece a totally allover vibrant pink, her flowers and over all color scheme spell out all shades pink.

Thank you Sharise from Urban Engagements for putting all this loveliness together. More of her inspiration boards can be seen by checking out her site . . .

Saturday, March 27, 2010


What redhead wouldn't love this board. I admit it, I'm naturally attracted to these tones and once I got a load of the vintage threads all lined up monochromatically, this board went up. Love to claim credit but this is the work of the very talented, So Much Love over at SMP. You can catch her blog, of the same name and see (and read if you know Portugese) all about her unique take on fashion, weddings, decor and crafts to name just a few things.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gown Friday!

hollywood glam is what Jenny Packham does best and her 2010 fall collection is no exception. complete with sleek and traditional silhouettes, her designs offer a dramatic, feminine look that i have always loved. what do you think? do you like her contemporary vintage style?
hope you have a wonderful weekend, and i will see you on monday!!

{images: coutorture}


Venue: The Chateau at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe
Florist: Sierra Floral Design
Wedding Planner: Weddings by Shannon
Cake: Made by two of the brides friends


Lisa is a Northern California native who moved to Tahoe about 4 years ago to teach snowboarding at Northstar Resort in Tahoe. Ryan is originally from Albury, Australia, and moved to Tahoe to work at,you guessed it...Northstar. They met one night at a bar and have pretty much been inseparable ever since. One night while they were walking around Lake Tahoe, Ryan walked Lisa out on a dock and asked her to marry him just as the sun was setting. She said yes, and they promptly went to the pub to celebrate with a beer. They are both the kind of people who have a million friends and are so fun and likable that everyone wants to be around them. A lot of Ryan's "mates" even flew all the way out from Australia just to attend the wedding! Because Ryan's family all lives in Australia, Lisa hadn't met his family until about a week before the wedding. It was really great to see the two families meet and get along so well. The wedding seemed to be a all about friends and family. Two of Lisa's friends made the cake, mutual friends played instruments during the ceremony. It was a small and personal wedding, that turned into one of the best dance parties ever. All in all, it was a beautiful day and an absolute blast.