Wednesday, April 28, 2010




Photography:  Lirette Photography
Dress: Shadows in San anselmo, California

Aaron and Liz didn't have to twist photographer Stuart Lirette's arm once they announced they'd tie the knot in the San Diego area. They wanted him to travel down and capture all the festivities. "August in San Diego, beachside... are you kidding. I brought the whole family and stayed a few extra days," says Stuart

Liz and Aaron both work in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where they met, but the bride grew up in San Diego and that was all the reason they needed to plan a SoCal wedding. The weather was magnificent and the outdoor venue, San Diego Botanic Gardens (formerly Quail Botanical Gardens), was a dream come true for a photographic location. "I like out of town weddings because once I leave the home office I have nothing to distract me from the event so I just immerse myself in the couples lives for the duration. In this case I not only attended the wedding and reception but also the rehearsal dinner friday night as well as going away brunch on Sunday. When you spend that much time with a couple, you can't help capturing some special moments . . . ."

About the Photographer: Stuart Lirette is a graduate of Brook's Institute of Photography.  He's made a living listening to his clients needs, and producing photographs that answer those needs on a budget they can afford.