Thursday, May 13, 2010


good morning! so i'm going bathing suit shopping tonight with a girlfriend who is leaving for Hawaii next week. i am almost so jealous that i don't want to help her find a hot suit to show off because i don't get to go...he he...not really :) but this brings up an important point for some of us ladies. make sure you have a good, honest and loving friend who will help battle through the mounds of swimsuits you will go through when choosing the perfect one. we might not want her in the changing room with us, but she will be a powerful voice against all those other voices that find their way in your head when you are alone in that room full of mirrors.

i love vintage style suits. mainly because they are so wonderfully flattering on a woman's body. if you don't already know about Janzten, they are the ultimate place to go when you want that look. and this 2010 season is all about 1950's hollywood glamour with fresh modern touches like high belted waistlines and plunging necklines. and those ruffles! don't you love the lipstick red suit above?! if you are a woman and have woman parts, these styles will help give you a boost of vintage confidence you need to start off the summer!

{images: Jantzen}