Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration: tabletop

I was recently discussing the current purple trend with a friend of mine last week and we both came to the same conclusion: its just not one of our favorite colors.  End of story.  It's hard for me to even try to want to incorporate it into wedding design--eh!  But I will admit, purple on the softer side, as in lilac is much more palatable for my taste.  Thus, this tabletop.  A beautifully traditional room with a velvet damask tablecloth in soft grey paired with the beautiful lilac hues gives us a more modern take on a classic pattern and setting.  The tableware and found bottles are a perfect complement to the look,  keeping it from feeling stuffy or outdated.  I do love the lilac with the grey.  Very sophisticated and chic.  Altogether, it's a step (however small) toward a flashy color trend that is hard for me to swallow :)

{Image:  Homes and Gardens}